• We offer equipment rental in the greater Charlotte area
  • 980-298-7892
  • Mon - Sat 8.00AM - 6.00PM
  • We offer equipment rental in the greater Charlotte area
  • 980-298-7892
  • Mon - Sat 8.00AM - 6.00PM


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Scissor Lift, Skyjack 3219
  • $130.00 / Day
  • $340.00 / Week
  • $1,190.00 / Month
Delivery: $13.00
  • Price for delivery: 1000
  • Type Vehicles: Scissor Lift
  • Drive Type: Track
  • Fuel Type: Diesel
  • Maximum Reach: 25ft
  • Model: 3219
  • Brand: Skyjack
  • Walking Speed: 2mph
  • Type: Scissor lift, Demolition
Total rental price
Excl. taxes
Track Dumper, Wacker Neuson DT10
  • $179.00 / Day
  • $519.00 / Week
  • $1,549.00 / Month
Delivery: $78.00
  • Type Vehicles: Track Dumper
  • Drive Type: Track
  • Fuel Type: Gas
  • Operating Weight: 2017lb
  • Model: DT10
  • Digging Depth: 120ft
  • Manufacture Year: 2000
  • Brand: Wacker Neuson
  • Walking Speed: 2.5mph
  • Rated power: 2222
  • Type: Mini skid steer / Dingo, Demolition, Dump Trailer
Total rental price
Excl. taxes
Сompact excavator with breaker, SANY SY50U
  • $699.00 / Day
  • $2,090.00 / Week
  • $5,990.00 / Month
Delivery: $20.00
  • Type Vehicles: Compact Excavator
  • Maximum Reach: 19ft
  • Operating Weight: 11684lb
  • Model: SY50U
  • Brand: Sany
  • Type: Excavators, Demolition
Total rental price
Excl. taxes
Soosan, Hydraulic Breaker SQ40
  • $369.00 / Day
  • $1,099.00 / Week
  • $2,990.00 / Month
  • Type Vehicles: Breaker
  • Type: Attachments, Demolition
Total rental price
Excl. taxes
Stihl, Concrete Saw with Diamond Wheel TS420
  • $75.00 / Day
  • $195.00 / Week
  • $470.00 / Month
  • Type Vehicles: Concrete Saw
  • Model: TS 420
  • Type: Demolition, Portable equipment
Total rental price
Excl. taxes
Stihl, Рetrol cut-off machine TS420
  • $60.00 / Day
  • $180.00 / Week
  • $400.00 / Month
  • Type Vehicles: Concrete Saw
  • Model: TS 420
  • Type: Demolition, Portable equipment
Total rental price
Excl. taxes

Demolition Equipment Rental on Next Level Rental

When you need to tear down an old building or structure in North Carolina, having the right demolition equipment can make all the difference. Next Level Rental provides a wide selection of demolition gear to handle projects of any size. Renting allows you to scale equipment needs to match the demolition scope while avoiding high purchase costs.

Improve your demolition capabilities with Next Level Rental

Demolishing a building or structure takes more than a sledgehammer. With Next Level Rental, you can access an extensive fleet of demolition equipment to take on residential, commercial, industrial, and civil demolition projects. We carry everything from hydraulic excavators and high-reach demolition equipment to pulverizers, grapples, shear attachments, and dust control. Renting from us provides cost-effective access to pro-grade gear you can count on to get the demolition job done right.

Different types of demolition equipment for rent

Not all demolition tasks are equal. That's why Next Level Rental provides multiple categories of rental equipment to match your specific needs:
  • Primary Demolition - For tearing down structures, our hydraulic excavators, high-reach demolition equipment, pulverizers, grapples, and shear attachments deliver exceptional demolition capabilities.
  • Secondary Demolition - Break down demolition debris further with our wide range of crushers, screening buckets, and dust control equipment.
  • Ancillary Equipment - Complement demolition tasks with equipment like generators, light towers, forklifts, loaders, and trucks.
With many configuration options, we can customize a rental package to improve efficiencies across all phases of demolition.

How much does it cost to rent demolition equipment

Demolition equipment rental rates vary based on:
  • Type of equipment.
  • Size/capacity.
  • Duration of rental.
  • Customization options.
As examples, daily rental rates start around:
  • Hydraulic Excavator: $500.
  • Pulverizer Attachment: $250.
  • Dust Control Equipment: $100.
Next Level Rental provides flexible rates tailored to your specific needs. For demolition contractors and construction companies, we also offer very reasonable weekly and monthly rents to maximize value. Get in touch with our team to receive a customized quote on your ideal demolition equipment rental package today!

How to Rent Equipment on Site Next Level Rental

Mobilizing demolition equipment to and from the work site takes coordination and money. With Next Level Rental, you can simply rent gear we already have positioned locally near:
  • Raleigh.
  • Durham.
  • Chapel Hill.
  • Greensboro.
  • Winston-Salem.
  • Asheville.
Choosing our conveniently located equipment rentals slashes transport costs and lead times before demolition tasks can begin. Our account managers also handle logistics like permits and waste removal.


Get Expert Advice on the Ideal Demolition Rental Package

With so many demolition equipment options available, selecting the right rentals can get confusing. The Next Level Rental team has decades of experience matching equipment to demolition scope and conditions. Tell us about your upcoming demolition project’s location, structural elements, abatement needs, debris requirements, and other factors. Our team will then recommend the perfect rental package while also providing operation tips to improve on-site safety and efficiency.

Cost of Demolition Equipment Rental

When budgeting for your demolition project, the cost to rent equipment is an important factor. At Next Level Rental, we provide complete price transparency to eliminate surprises. Rental rates depend primarily on:
  • Equipment Type - Larger machines like excavators that can tear down bigger structures cost more than skid steers with attachments for finishing demolition. Expect to pay daily rates from $600 for a plate compactor to $1000+ for specialized high-reach equipment.
  • Duration - Our demolition equipment rental rates are based on a daily basis rate structure without discounts for longer term rentals. Rates are locked in regardless if you need gear for a single day, a week, or a month. Planning ahead to rent for extended periods when possible allows taking advantage of the base rates over more working days. Ask our team about estimated project durations to determine expected rental costs based on the base daily rates. We offer rate locks on lengthy rentals to eliminate guesswork and enable better budgeting.
  • Customizations - Configuring equipment like adding debris removal trailers or integrating attachments adds incremental costs to base rental rates. Safety add-ons like lighting packages also impact overall rental pricing.
While renting demolition gear involves sizable investments, the right equipment leads to better productivity and lower overall project costs compared to manual demolition. Our team provides rental quotes tailored to your specific budget while delivering the capabilities needed to successfully complete structural demolition.

Trusted Rental Equipment to Meet Deadlines and Budgets

Succeeding with demolition hinges on having reliable equipment that won’t break down unexpectedly. Next Level Rental invests heavily in an industry-leading rental fleet featuring late-model gear from trusted brands like:
  • Caterpillar
  • Komatsu
  • John Deere
  • Bobcat
Regular maintenance keeps our demolition rentals in prime working order. Planning ahead with rentals ensures meeting project deadlines and budgets.